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        縮寫  稱或釋義

        FCA   Free  Carrier

        FAS       Free Alongside Ship

        FOB   Free On Board

        CFR       Cost and Freight

        CIF        Cost,Insurance and Freight

        CPT       Carriage Paid To

        CIP        Carriage and insurance Paid To

        DAF  Delivered At Frontier

        DES   Delivered Ex Ship

        DEQ  Delivered Ex Quay

        DDU     Delivered Duty Unpaid

        DDP      Delivered Duty Paid

        ANF     Arrival Notification Form

        BAF      Buker Adjustment Factor

        BIMCO    Baltic and International Maritime Council

        B/L   Bill of Lading

        A standard BIMCO  

        time charter for container ships Break Bulk Cargo Goods shipped loose in the vessel's hold and not in containers.

        CABAF    Currency and bunker adjustment factor

        CAF      Currency and bunker adjustment factor

        C/B   Container Base

        C&E     Customs and Excise

        C&F     Cost and Freight

        CFR      Cost and Freight

        CFS      Container Freight Station,also Depot

        CHIEF      Customs Handling of Import and Exports Freight

        CIF   Cost,Insurance and Freight

        CIM      Internation Convention on the Carriage of Goods by Rail

        CMI      Comite Martime International

        CMR     International Convention on the Carriage of Goods by Road

        COGSA    Carriage of Goods by Sea Act,U.K.

        COT      Customer's Own Transport

        COU     Clip on Unite

        CPT      Carriage Paid To

        CRN     Custom Register Number

        CSC      Container Safety Convention

        CT    Combined Transport

        CTD      Combined Transprotion Document

        CY    Container Yard

        DEPS    Departmental Entry Processing system

        DGN     Dangerous Goods Note

        DOT     Department of Trade

        ECU     European Currency United

        EDI      Electronic Date Interchange

        EDP      Electronic Data Processing

        EEC      European Economic Community

        EFTA    European Free Trade Association

        ESC      European National Shippers Councils

        ETA      Estimated Time of Arrival

        ETC      Electronic Data Credits

        ETD      Estimated Time od Departure

        FAK      Freight All Kind

        FCL      Full Container Load

        FFI      For Further Instruction

        FMC     Federal Maritime Commission,USA

        FOB      Free On Board

        GA        General Average

        GATT    General Agreement on Trade and Trade

        H/L        Heany Lift  

        IMDG Code

        Also Blue Book,International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

        IMO      International Maritime Organisation-a UN body

        ISO   International Standards Organisation


        Those properties of certain goods which lead to their arrival in damaged condition without accident or negligence Inherent vice

        L/C   Letter of Credit

        LCL      Less than Container Load

        L/I    Letter id Indemnity

        LLMC   International Convention on Limitation of Liabilty for Maritime Claims

        LO-LO      Lift On Lift Off

        MMO    Multi Modal Operator

        M/R      Mate's Receipt

        NVOC(C)     Non Vessel Operating (Common)

        O/H      Overheight

        OOG    Out of Gauge

        O/W     Overwidth

        P&I Club   Protection and Indemnity Association

        POA     Place of Acceptance

        POD     Place of Delivery Port or Pier

        RN      Release Note

        SDR     Special Drawing Rights

        SOB     ShippedOn Board Shipper

        TEU     Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit

        THC     Terminal Handling Charge

        TIR   Transport International Routiers

        TTD     The TTD is a contract of carriage involving more than one carrier

        TTO     Through Transport Operator



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