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        1.(第一次見面)Howdoyoudo? 您好!

        2.  您好!見到您很高興。Howdoyoudo?I’mverygladtomeetyou.

        3.  讓我來介紹一下在座的各位先生。林先生,我們廠的廠長;王 先生,廠長總工;吳先生,船體車間主任。Letmeintroducethe gentlemen present here. This is Mr.Lin, our shipyard manager Mr.Wang,ourchiefengineer.Mr.Wu,directorofthehullshop.

        4. 歡迎您到我們船廠來!welcometoourshipyard!


        6.  好的,謝謝!Thankyou.

        7.請喝茶。Please have a cup of tea.

        8. 喂,您好嗎?(熟人之間)Hi,how are you?

        9.  很好,謝謝。您好嗎?Fine,thank you,and how are you?

        10. 很好,謝謝!Verywell,thanks.

        11. 我們現在就開始工作好嗎?Shall we start our work now?

        12. 好的。OK.

        13. 請這邊走。This way,please.

        14. 我可以進來嗎?May I come in?

        15. 請進!Yes,please.

        16. 早晨好,女士。Good morning,ma’am(Madam).

        17. 早晨好,布萊克先生。請坐。Good morning,Mr.Blake.take a seat, please.

        18. 謝謝!Thank you,ma’am(女士).

        19. 請問您有什么事和我商討?What business would you like to talk with me about?

        20. 船東想在船上做些變化。The ship owner wants to make some changesinthehull.

        21. 這樣的事,我只能晚些時候回答您。In that case,Ineed to answer you later.

        22. 好的。如果你做出了決定,請盡快告訴我。OK.If you make the decision,please tell me soon.

        23. 沒有問題,再見!No problem.Goodbye.

        24. 再見!Goodbye.

        25. 下午好!Good afternoon!

        26. 下午好!Good afternoon!

        27. 有一個艙口蓋有點問題,我想和你談談。There is something wrong with the hatch cover.I would like to discuss it with you.

        28. 對不起,我聽不懂您講話,您能說得慢一點嗎?I’m sorry.I can’t follow you.Can you speak slowly?

        29. 我的意思是我想和您談一談艙口蓋的問題。I mean I want to talk with you about the hatch cover.

        30. 噢,我懂了。到我辦公室去詳談。Oh,I see.Let’s go to my office and talk it cover in detail.

        31. 那再好不過了。That couldn’t be better.

        32. 我想要一份這種圖紙。I would like a copy of this drawing.

        33. 對不起,我幫不了這個忙。您可以到技術科去要。I’m sorry. I can’t helpyou.You may ask the technical department for it.

        34. 您知道電話號碼?Do you know the telephone number?

        35. 分機號是4557。It’s 4557 extension.

        36. 謝謝!Thankyou.

        37. 非常愿意幫助您!My pleasure!

        38. 你們船廠造什么船?What ships do you build?

        39. 集裝箱船,散裝船,還有一些駁船。Containerships,bulkcarriers, and some barges.

        40. 你廠吊車最大起重能力是多少?How much is the maximum lifting capacity in your shipyard?

        41. 300噸,是船臺用起重機,跨度72m。300tons,it is a berthderrick, the spanbeing 72m.

        42. 在這里,你們怎么樣對鋼板進行預處理?Here, how do you pretreat(prepare)the steel plates?

        43. 我 們 用 拋 丸 ( 噴 沙 ) 的 方 法 。 We call it shortblasting (sandblasting).

        44. 拋丸后還要將鋼板涂漆嗎?After shortblasting,do you paint the steelplates?

        45. 是的,我們稱之為車間底漆。Yes,we do.And we call it priming paint.

        46. 鋼板移動的速度是多少?How fast is the plate moving?

        47. 大約每分鐘5米。About 5 maminute.

        48. 你們怎樣切割鋼板?How do you cut a steel plate?

        49. 小于10mm 的鋼板,用機械切割法。For plateshas than10mm,we use mechanical cutting method.

        50. 那么大于10mm 的呢?How about the plates over 10mm(thicker plates)?

        51. 我們用火焰切割法。一般這些切割都是數控的。We use the flame cutting method. Most of the cutting is done by number control(N/C).

        52. 怎樣將鋼板加工成不同的形狀呢?How do you make the steel plate into different shapes?

        53. 我們有不同種類的沖、壓機械。可滾壓,彎制和折邊。We use different kinds of press machines. We can roll, bend, or flange a plate.

        54. 型材怎樣加工呢,像球扁鋼,角鋼和一些加強材?How do you shape the different sections, such as, bulb plates, angle bars, and otherstiffeners.

        55. 用同樣的方法。但我們也用水火彎板法;該法主要用于加工不 規則形狀,像球鼻艏。By the same method, but we also use the lineheating methods. This can shape irregular parts, such as bulbousbow.

        56. 你怎樣知道彎制合格了呢?How do you know the bending is good?

        57. 我們用樣板來檢驗。We will check it with templates.

        58. 在焊接鋼板,肋骨,甲板橫梁時,你們用什么焊接方法?What welding methods do you use in connecting the plates,frames,and beams?

        59. 對于長直接板縫,我們用埋弧焊或二氧化碳氣體保護焊;拐角 處和小地方,還用手工焊。For straight seams,we use submerged arcwelding or carbondioxide welding for some cornersand small areas,we still use manual welding.

        60. 就水密艙壁而言,怎樣檢查其水密性?For water tight bulkheads, how do you check the water tightness?

        61. 靠壓縮空氣或水壓力。By compress edairor by water pressure.

        62. 雙層底分段是在胎架上造的嗎?Is the double bottom blockbuilt on pinjigs?

        63. 是的,里面的一些管件也已經裝好了。Yes,some pipes in it have also been fitted.

        64. 分段大合龍在哪里進行?Where is the grand block join ingdone?

        65. 在船臺上。On the building berth.

        66. 在你們船廠船舶怎樣下水?How is a ship launched in your shipyard?

        67. 我們通常采用縱向下水方式。We usually launch a ship by end launching.

        68. 船臺和下水支架有什么區別?What’s the difference between buildingberth and launching cradle?

        69. 船臺是固定的地面支撐,下水支架僅用于下水時用。后者在下 水時與船體一起滑入水中。Building berth is the fixed ground support and launchingcradle is only used before launching. The latter will be sliding together with the ship into the water.

        70. 舾裝工作包括哪些?What work does the outfitting include?

        71. 除了船殼結構外所有的部分,像管子,(甲板)起重機,桅桿, 索具,主機,機械設備,電纜和居住艙室的裝飾。All the parts except the hull structure, such as pipes, derricks, masts, rigging, main engines, machinery, electrical cables, and accommodation servicesetc.

        72. 一般情況下你們什么時候開始舾裝工作?When do you begin theoutfittinggenerally?

        73. 有些管路舾裝在制造小分段時就開始了,也叫做分段預舾裝; 其它的在船舶下水后進行。Some piping outfitting is done when building subblocks, that is, onblock outfitting others are done afterlaunching.

        74. 有怎么多加工好的管子!可是怎樣才能找到你所需要的管件 呢?There are so many fabricated pipes! How can you find the pipe piece you need?

        75. 對每個管件我們都編了號,并且將所有的管件存放在不同的托 盤中。We give each pipe a coded number,and we store all the pipe pieces indifferent pallets.

        76. 機艙中有許多管系,像燃油系統,冷卻系統,滑油系統,消防 系統,怎樣識別它們?There are many piping systems in the engine room, such as fuel oil system, cooling system, lubricating system,firefighting system.How do you identify them?

        77. 靠不同的顏色條。例如,藍色表示冷卻水,紅色表示消防用水, 黃色表示潤滑油。By different color tapes. For example, blue means cooling water,red for firefighting,yellow for lubricatingoil etc.

        78. 當安裝一管件時,你怎樣決定管件在船上的確切位置?When fitting a piece of pipe,how do you determinet heexact position on boardaship?

        79. 看圖紙,圖紙上清楚地表明了管件的三維尺寸。We do it with the help of drawings.The drawing shows clearly the three  dimensional position of acertain pipe.

        80. 怎樣打開艙口蓋?How can you lift the hatch cover?

        81. 使用液壓系統。We lift the hatch cover byhydraulicsystem.

        82. 怎樣保證艙口蓋水密?How is the hatch cover kept water tight?

        83. 借助于橡膠密封條,將其安裝在艙口圍板四周。By rubber strips. We’veinstalled the strips along the hatch coamings.

        84. 甲板上的舾裝包括哪些?What outfitting should be done on deck?

        85. 包括以下部件的安裝:錨機,絞車,帶纜樁,導纜孔,桅桿, 甲板起重機,通風口和各種索具。That includes the installation of windlasses, winches, bollards, masts, deck cranes, vent pipes and different kinds of rigging.

        86. 有這么多的舾裝工作要做,你們將工程分包出去嗎?There is so much out fitting work.Do you subcontract some of them?

        87. 時的,我們把所有的細木工舾裝都分包出去。這將節約我們很 多的時間。Yes,we subcontractal most all the joiner work.This will save us lots of time.

        88. 居住艙室有哪些舾裝工作?What outfitting is include in the livingquarters?

        89. 主要指門窗的安裝,地板的鋪設,內置式家具的安裝和油漆。 It refers to installing doors,windows,laying floor covering,fitting built infurniture,and painting.

        90. 位了防止腐蝕,油漆是很重要的,對嗎In order to prevent hullcorrosion,painting is very important,isn’t it?

        91. 是的,有很多油漆,有的合適船體水上部分,有的適合于水下 部分。Quite right, there are many kinds of paint, and some are suitable for above wateruse,and some are forunder water.

        92. 油漆的涂層有多厚?How thick is the coating film?

        93. 這取決于不同種類的油漆。涂層的厚度可能是30,75或者145 微米。That depends on the different paint types.The film thickness maybe30μm,75μm,or145μm.(micronmeters).

        94. 噴漆時對溫度有要求嗎?Are there any requirements for the temperature when painting?

        95. 有。通常溫度應介于10C 到 40C 之間,相對濕度應介于 50%-80%。也要有好的通風。Sure usually the temperature shouldbe from (minus) 10C to 40C(Celsius),and the relative humidity should be between 50% and 80%. Good ventilation is also quite necessary.

        96. 怎樣知道面漆涂層質量是好的?How do you know the finish coating is of good quality?

        97. 您可以靠肉眼觀察。如果表面光滑,無裂紋,不起跑,一般說 是好的。但必須得到檢查人員或船東的許可。You can check the surface by your eyes.If the surface is smooth and there is no crack is no blisters on it, usually the painting is good. But it must be approved by the painting surveyor or the shipowner.

        98. 交船前怎樣對船體外板進行油漆?Before delivering the ship to theowner,how do you paint the shellplating?

        99. 一般在干船塢中進行。We will do this in a drydock.

        100.機艙位于什么部位?Where is the mainengine located?

        101.通常在船艉。Usually at the stern of the ship.

        102.這條船上有多少臺發電機。How many generators are there are thereonboardtheship?

        103.四臺。其中一臺是應急發電機。There are four.One of them is a emergency generator.

        104.這間艙室有怎么多的泵,用在什么上的?There are so many pumps in this room,what are they used for?

        105.它們是燃油泵,潤滑油泵,壓載水泵,淡水泵,海水泵,和舭 部液艙泵等。They are F.O. pumps, ballast pumps, fresh water pumps ,seawater pumps,and bilge pumps.

        106.泵有幾種?How many types of pumps are there?

        107.通常有兩種:往復式和離心式. Usually there are two types.One is called the displacement pump and the other is called the centrifugalpump.

        108.為什么需要壓縮空氣?Why do we need compressed air?

        109.在船上主要用于啟動主機。It is mainly used on board ship for staringmainengines.

        110.油 水 分 離 器 也 是 必 要 的 , 是 嗎 ? Oil/water separators are necessary,aren’t they?

        111.是的。它們可以使油水分開,從而使排放的水保持清潔。Yes, they can keep oil and water apart and keep the discharged water clean.

        112.熱交換器是用于冷卻的嗎?Are the heat exchangers used for cooling?



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